Monday, September 28, 2009


Chocolate Truffles

We will be teaching how to make chocolate truffles in our chocolate making class. Since home-made chocolate has become popular with chocolate enthusiasts, we decided to add some new recipes in our chocolate class module. In this class,our students will learn how to make delicious truffles sitting inside pretty and colourful shells. These shell enclosed truffles are suitable to be given as gifts for birthdays or on special occasions like 'hantaran' , valentine's day, mother's day etc.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My niece, Parveen Banu and her husband Mohd Nazim who got married last month went to Europe for their honeymoon. They returned home a couple of days before the first day of Ramadan and thank god they were spared from the HINI virus. My niece said they spent most of their holidaying in France and Switzerland as ithose were their favourite countries. Amidst their holidaying, my niece managed to get some 'cake related' gifts for me as she knows that I love cake decorating. She also bought some fondant embosses, cutters and chocolate moulds. These are not posted in the pictures as I have not opened the package yet. Will remember to post the pictures when I open the packages.


3 tier wedding cake decorated in fondant and royal icing. comprises of walnut butter cake, sujee fruit cake and belgian chocolate mud cake
close up of cake decorated in maroon coloured royal icing and topped with fresh rose flowers
adorable & romantic cake topper
specially made golden hued tiers.