Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lilyana, a teacher in a goverment school is very much interested in cake decorating. She called me a few days ago to enrol for our 3-tier wedding cake class. As it was the mid-year school break, Lilyana was free to join the class. She emailed to me a couple of cake pictures that she procured from the internet and wanted to learn to make the big sugarpaste flower cake toppers. I had to tell Lilyana that those flowers were not handmade but bought from baking supply shops. Lilyana bought a spray of sugarpaste roses and brought it to class. She was grateful to me for enlightening to her that the big artificial rose bouquet that are put on cakes were not handmade. She thought students will be taught to make the big roses bouquet. That being said, Lilyana was happy with what she learned in class and below is the email she sent to me with the picture of her cake. I could not snap any pictures with my camera as I forgot to put in the batteries. In fact the cake in this picture is not really complete coz Lilyana's camera batteries were 'going dead' as she had been snapping the various stages of her cake decorations.

This class was also attended by Michelle who wanted to learn to stack her cakes. She was also curious with the steam buttercream method and after seeing that plastic tupperware was used to melt the buttercream, she decided that she'll experiment with glassware. Frankly speaking, I'm also not a fan of steam buttercream if plastic is used in the melting of buttercream.I'm afraid the plastic components that melts in the tupperware may be toxic to us, expecially to young children. So to those of you who are consuming too much steam buttercream, please be aware of this fact.

A'kum Zarena,

Thanks for today's class..i really learn a lot lot lot from this class..n now i feel more confident in decorating cake after ur guidance...tq very very much. InsyaAllah if have rezeki next time i will attending ur class again for other courses...

also here i attached photo taken on tat class...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


baked doughnuts with various mouth watering toppings
tea treats fit for a queen? tiers of cream puffs, mini cheesecakes,doughnuts,chicken pie & baked sandwiches.
a platter of tea-time treats.
baked mini cheesecakes with various fruit toppings
chicken pie ready to go into the oven
baked sanwiches & chicken pie
students who attended our tea-time treats class


These moist chocolate cupcakes are topped with velvety Swiss chocolate ganache. Very deliciously moist and rich,these cupcakes were 'gone' within minutes in my cousin sister's house.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Portuguese Egg Tart & Coconut Tart
Mixed Fruit Tarts
Chocolate Walnut Tarts
Assorted Cheese Tarts

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sue from Alor Star, Kedah who has taken couple of cake decorating classes from us, wanted to make a Kebaya 'Hantaran' cake for her dad who will be tying the knot for the second time after the demise of his beloved wife two years ago. She had already booked the date with me a week before she attended the class. Sue is a natural cake decorator coz she decorated her fruit cake (Sue brought her own cake)with mninimum supervision from me.Sue chosed a pure white fondant and black royal icing accents for her kebaya cake as it was their colour theme. She was also given a pair of cutters (free of charge) to make laces, so that in future Sue can use this cutters for her Kebaya cakes. To Sue and her father, PG CakeCraft wishes all the best and hope this weekend is full of joy.