Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our cheesecake class was attended by Hani, Noor Liya, Khamisah, Hasnah,Marina and Billy Lim. I have to thank Hasnah for driving from Taiping to attend our class. This is her second class with us after our Creative cupcake class.Thank you to Noor Liya for coming from Batu Kawan, Perai. Thank you to Khamisah for taking that long drive from Balik Pulau. I appreciate Hani's attendance and this is her second class after our Creative cupcake classs. Thank you to Billy and Marina for choosing PG CakeCraft to learn the art of creative baking.

This is a hands on class and students had to make the cheesecakes right from the base to the filling. All my students were quite amazed to learn how easy it was to bake cafe style cheesecakes if they applied the correct techniques in baking. Our cheesecakes came perfect without any cracks or sunken middle and the texture was smooth & velvety.Tips on how to diversify basic cheesecakes with different flavours were also given.They were also taught how to cut the cheesecakes into neat serving sizes. After tasting their cheesecakes, all of them agreed that it tasted better than store bought cheesecakes. I felt happy to hear them say that coz it was an honour for me to know our cheesecakes were indeed tasty. Once again I have to thank my teacher and mentor, Chef Bruce Lee from Culinary Arts Centre for giving me so many invalueable tips in his baking class. I took the Pastry and Cakes course from CAC in year 2000 and proceeded to Advance Cake Class in the same year.

Our Cheesecakes Series 2 class will be starting soon where students will be taught to bake Oreo cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake and Tiramisu Cheesecake. If you are interested to join this class, please submit the form on your right.


This cake was made by my student Dzuliyana (with my guidance) for a customer who requested me to bake her daughter's birthday cake. Dzuliyana and I came up with this design which had some elements of the cake that Ms Aniza emailed to me. Ms Aniza wanted a tinkerbell theme cake with tinkerbell figurines. I hope Ms Aniza's two year old daughter liked her birthday cake. For those of you who are interested to create cakes like this, come and join our fondant cake decorating classes where you will be taught to make fondant and decorated your cake with different techniques at a reasonable fee.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Our creative cupcake class on 15th May was attended by 9 lovely and charming ladies, Siti Nazli, Aida, Wan Zaleha, Najah, Fauziah, Noor, Azimah, Yusni and Mrs Lee. All of them had no prior experience in baking and decorating except for Fauziah who had taken classes from home based cake decorators. In this class, students were taught the rudiments of baking moist chocolate cupcakes from scratch. Our students were amazed at how easy it was to bake cupcakes that were perfectly moist and delicious.Decorations were made with fondant, buttercream, royal icing and piping jelly.

Today i recieved an email from Siti saying that she has received orders for her cupcakes. Way to go ladies, join in the bandwagon of this lucrative business and start to earn extra income. Another student of mine Azza, has opened her own cupcake kiosk in Giant, Bayan Baru. Please visit her Bumble Dee Cupcake kiosk on the 1st floor of Giant, Bayan Baru if you want to order cupcakes. you can also view Azza's blog at

Azza's Bumble Dee kiosk in Giant, Bayan Baru (1st Floor)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Our Fondant Kebaya class which coincided with Mother's day (on the next day) was attended by 5 beautiful and doting daughters - Azza, Izzati Lau, Marina, Mustari and Salasiah. Azza chosed a light lavender color, Izzati chosed golden yellow, Marina chosed purple, Mustari chosed baby pink and Salasiah chosed a vibrant red for their kebaya cakes. They took the opportunity to attend this class so that they can present the cakes to their respective mothers on Mother's day(Sunday). The cakes used were rich moist chocolate cakes.

The ladies were given templates for the kebaya and specially made cutters for the scalloped lace pattern. Actually the FMM Straight Frills cutter is used to cut out the scallop lace pattern on the collar, slevees and edges of the cake. But due to high demand for this product, it is not in stock now. I have checked with ICCA and Cake Connection but they are out of stock for this particular pattern. So as they say neccesity is the mother of all creations, i took the liberty to get my iron monger to make the scalloped lace pattern cutters. It did not cost me much to make my own cutters so i gave each student a set of cutter free of charge so that they can make their own fondant kebaya cake in future. Moreover they dont't have to spend much to buy the FMM cutters. I hope to make more different cutters and give to my students who attend our classes. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures of the Fondant Kebaya cakes that my students made. One thing i have to mention here, these five ladies are really super talented as they decorated their cakes with minimum supervision from me. In fact Mustari, who is a succesful business woman said that decorating her cake was therapeutic as it was a way of letting out her stress from her hectic life.

A special thanks to Fadzlina of for inspiring us to create your fabulous Fondant Kebaya cake.

If you are interested to learn how to make this gorgeous cakes, please submit the form on the right.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Our tart class on Saturday, which coincided with Labour's Day was graced by seven wonderful ladies and a young and charming 10 year old boy who loves baking. Could he be our very own Jaime Oliver in the making? Guess time can only answer this question. For a 10 year old boy, Roger showed so much interest in baking and he kept a watchful eye over the pastries in the oven. Roger's mom Michelle was joined by Haslinda, Liza, Mahayu, Suhana, Fauziah and Salasiah. I'm thankful to Haslinda who travelled from Ipoh to join our class. A couple of months ago Haslinda joined our Creative Cupcake class. I must also thank Suhana who travelled from Permatang Pauh to join our class. Last but not least i must convey my heart felt thanks to Michelle, Salasiah and Fauziah for joining most of our classes. I sincerely hope that i've fulfilled some of your culinary expectations.

To Liza, Mahayu and Suhana, thank you for choosing PG CakeCraft and hope to see you soon. Liza, thank you again for attending our class eventhough you have a 2 month year old baby and i also look forward to meet your aunty in our Creative Cupcake class.