Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Our Creative Cupcake class was attended by 8 wonderful and talented ladies and none of them had any experience in cake decorating but nevertheless that did not stop them from getting creative in their designs. Nor Azrini, Liza, Aini, Rubiyatul,Zahara, Sumithy, Zakiah and Aween had lots of fun baking perfect moist chocolate cupcakes and decorating them with two types of buttercream, ganache, piping jelly & fondant/gumpaste. I must convey my sincere thanks to these ladies for attending the class considering that we are nearing the end of Ramadan and there'll be lots of chores to do at home. I must also convey my thanks to Zakiah for coming from Kuala Lumpur to attend our Ramadan Sweet Delights & Creative Cupcake class. To Nur Idayu from Perak, we are sorry that you could not join our Creative Cupcake class last week. InsyaAllah,I look forward to meet you in our next Creative Cupcake class.

This is our last class before we take a break to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and I'm very sorry to postpone our Chocolate Ganache Cake class (29th Aug) due to some circumtances beyond my control. To those who have registered, insyaAllah,I hope to have this class after Hari Raya. Our classes will resume in October and we have more new and exciting classes for you. Please visit our blog for more updates of classes soon.

I take this opportunity to wish "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN" to all my Muslim students & friends and to those who visit my blog. May Allah swt bestow good health and prosperity upon all of you...Ameen.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Our chocolate fondant class was held on Sunday (15/8) due to some request from my students. I really enjoyed teaching this class because all the students were willing to learn with patience even if it was the month of Ramadan. Except for Saira, none others had any experience working with fondant.That being said, Yuen Li, Saira, Yati and Zahara managed to knead their chocolate fondant with ease and coyly covered and decorated their cakes with chocolate fondant. The chocolate roses and white chocolate calla lilies were hand made by the students. Thank you ladies and I hope you can now start decorating your cakes with fondant.

Yati(Govt. staff, Komtar), Saira (Govt. staff, Court interpreter), Yuen Li & Zahara(Govt. staff, Komtar)
cakes decorated by Yuen Li & Zahara
cakes decorated by Yati & Saira


Adoni, Linda, Suhaili, Saira, Hamidah & Zahara
pizza sausage buns
peach cream cheese custard buns
mexican buns
sandwich loaf