Saturday, July 31, 2010


This lovely cake was decorated by my student Mrs. Sithra Jageneswaran who came from Changloon,Kedah to join our class. Sithra called me this morning to say that she enjoyed our class as she had learned so much about working with fondant and royal icing. She told me that her hubby couldn't believe that she decorated her cake on her own.Sithra has requested for our 3 tier wedding cake class, so there will be a 3 tier wedding cake class on 27th August 2010.

Mrs Sithara chose ivory and vibrant red as her colour theme with hand-made gumpaste red roses & petunia

These cakes were decorated by Siti and Aida. They have attended our cupcake class before and this was their first time decorating a big 8 inch cake. For first timers, I think they did pretty well in decorating their cakes.Siti chosed golden yellow and lime green as her colour theme with hand-made red roses and petunia. Aida chose baby blue and purple as her colour theme with hand-made purple roses and petunia.

Lee Pin also joined our class and although she has worked with buttercream before, Lee Pin wanted to learn to decorate her cakes with fondant and royal icing. She was very happy and satisfied with our class because now she can decorate her cakes with royal icing & fondant.

Lee Pin chose purple and baby blue as her colour theme which, I think paired very well with her hand-made gumpaste pink roses.
This cake was decorated by Cikgu Isma who is from Trolak,Perak.Isma drove from Perak to attend our class. She had no prior experince working with fondant and royal icing but did an amazing job with her cake. Isma chose lime green and sandy brown as her colour theme with sandy brown hand-made roses, petunia and white calla lilies. Isma plans to join our 3 tier wedding cake class on 27th August if her leave is approved.

This cake was decorated by Azza who is one of my best and successful student. She has recently opened a cafe at Ivory Plaza,known as BumbleBee Cafe.She also owns a very successful cupcake kiosk in Giant, Bayan Baru. Azza chose lilac and white as her colour theme with white hand-made gumpaste roses and petunia.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


These cakes were made for my nieces's first anniversary celebration function on 24th July. The function was held at Northam Hotel and attended by nearly 100 guests. It was a grand affair and the buffet dinner spread was really huge as there were quite a large variety of food on the banquet table.Most of the guests started arriving around eight and I managed to get there only at 8.30pm. Our Hari Raya Cakes class was held on that day and class ended around 5pm and in my hurry to wrap up the class, I forgot about taking pictures of the class.Anyway, coming back to the function, the cakes were suppose to be a suprise for my niece and her husband. So I had to go inside the hotel's kitchen to add some last minute touch up on the cakes. The first tier was a huge 10inch 2-layered Chocolate Fudge cake, weighing nearly 4 kilos. The two shades of hand-made gumpaste rose bouquet placed on top of the cake added a touch of romance.The second tier was also a 10inch New York Cheesecake topped with strawberries and strawberry coulis. The top tier cake had hearts exploding from the cake. As the waiters slowly wheeled the cakes to the reception centre, lights were switched off to add an element of suprise to the couple. To my niece Parveen and her husband Nazim, we wish both of you a very happy first anniversary and may you have more of them in years to come.

Note: a good friend and a fellow blogger informed me today that the sugarpaste flowers sold in baking supply shops are not 'halal'as the gelatin used to make the sugarpaste is not 'halal'. Most of these flowers are imported from the Philippines and Indonesia and deemed not 'halal'. I'm glad that I've never used store bought sugar flowers in my cakes or my classes as I don't really like them. Sugar flowers used in PG CakeCraft are are painstakingly hand-made. In our fondant cake decorating classes, we teach our students to make gumpaste flowers rather than using artificial looking store bought flowers. To those who order cakes, please be aware of this fact and request for hand-made flowers.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Our creative cupcake class was held on Monday (5/7/10) and this was a special class because normally I don't conduct classes on weekdays. Sometimes if there are requests from my students, I will conduct classes on weekdays. I also don't accept cake orders from customers due to lack of time and my concentration is only in teaching. The only orders that I accept is from my family members and sometimes I cannot cope with the huge orders and have to pass it on to my ex-students.

This class was requested by Noraini who has previously taken home-made chocolate class with PG CakeCraft. I was very happy to know that Noraini is doing well in her home-made chocolate business and her chocolates are being shipped as far as Iran. Noraini was joined by Zul (who is also in food business), Kak Normah, Sariah and beauty saloon owner, Rosmin.

Zul, Kak Normah, Noraini,Sariah & Rosmin
buttercrem sunflower piped by students
ladybird & butterfly in the garden
piping the rose
teddies in a row
moist chocolate cupcakes made by students, ready to go into the oven

Saturday, July 3, 2010


These cute cupcakes were made for my niece's daughter's aqiqah ceremony last week. The moist chocolate cupcakes were made by my student, Zuliyana and decorated by me. The fondant cut-outs were embossed with baby theme patchwork cutters and I used different designs for 350 cupcakes.It was really time consuming to paint each design with gold and silver dust, diluted in lemon juice. But all the work was worth it coz our guests enjoyed the cakes very much. I guess the good quality chocolate that was used in the ganache made all the difference. Meanwhile there is another hundreds of cupcakes for me to design for another niece's daughter's aqiqah ceremony in two weeks time.