Saturday, October 31, 2009


7th November (Sat.) CHOCOLATE & TRUFFLES CLASS RM220.00

14th November (Sat.) FANCY COOKIES CLASS RM80.00

21st November (Sat.) CREATIVE CUPCAKE CLASS RM150.00

These are the only classes that will be held for the month of October as we have quite a number of cakes, chocolate and cookie orders from our customers. Most kindergartens are having their annual school concerts and orders for lollipop cookies are starting to fill in and so are the wedding cakes and favour orders. Therefore we could not have much classes this month and I prefer not to have classes on Sunday as it will be our off day. If you have any request for other classes please submit the form on your right and I will arrange the class for the following month.

CHOCOLATE & TRUFFLES CLASS - these are following topics that will be covered

1) history on chocolate and the production various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couverture, compound and Belgian chocolate.

2)Chocolate making process and techniques.
i)tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment
- tempering couverture chocolate
- melting compound chocolate

ii)Moulding chocolate in creative designs - techniques
- marbling
- drizzling
- brushing

3)Dipping chocolate -
- strawberry tuxedo/wedding gown and wafer decorating
- chocolate coloring
- lollipop ( 3 techniques) - couverture, oreo, color

4)Chocolate transfer - to create unique & beautiful designs on chocolates

5)Truffles -using oreos and hazelnuts

6)Almond Rochers & Chocolate Clusters

7)Delicious praline filling : recipes and hands-on making strawberry and mocha pralines

8)Chocolate Card ( making a greeting card from chocolate without using Indonesian mold)

9)name & address of chocolate suppliers given to get you started to make homemade chocolate

10)packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

250 g raw couverture chocolate will be given free to take home to practice.

FANCY COOKIES cLASS - there will be a hands-on making of the cookie dough.

- Our recipe for crispy and tasty cookies will be given

- students will be shown the different types of molds available in the market

- 2 types of cookie icing will be taught and how to use these icing to decorate cookies

- run-outs technique will be taught

- a special fondant used to decorate cookies will also be taught.

- each student will be given 12 cookies or more to decorate

BONUS students will be shown how to make a COOKIE BOUQUET, suitable to be given for mother's day, valentine's day, aniversaries, etc


- learn to make super moist chocolate cupcakes

- learn to make 6 types of frosting to cover and decorate your cupcakes

1) buttercream that will not melt or smudge easily (tak comot),
suitable for Wilton rose, flowers, designs and borders
ii)buttercream which is suitable for free-hand drawing, filling & writing
iii) buttercream that is made with krimwell

2) royal icing made with meringue powder

3) royal icing made with egg whites

4) Buttercream that looks and tastes like whipped cream

5) super smooth and delicious ganache

6)use fondant and piping jelly to decorate your cupcakes.

Students will get 16 or more cupcakes to decorate

BONUS: STUDENTS WILL BE TAUGHT HOW TO MAKE A CUPCAKE BOUQUET, suitable to be given for birthdays, mother's day, valentine's day, teacher's day, etc.

Please register using the form on your right at least 3 days before the commencement of our class to facilitate preparations. Alternatively, you can send me a SMS at 016-4753114

For those who have submitted their names for our wedding cakes class, please be informed that our 3-TIER WEDDING CAKE CLASS WILL BE HELD NEXTH MONTH. In this class, students will be taught to make the best fondant and gumpaste. Different cake decorating techniques will be taught. Gumpaste flowers like the roses, blossoms, jasmines,leaves and two coloured ivy leaves will be taught.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I have just returned from ICCA, Kuala Lumpur after attending the Squires Professional Wedding Cake Diploma course. It was a hectic 3 days course where our classes started at 9.00am sharp and ended around 7.30pm.By the time I reach my hotel, I will be too exhausted even to have my dinner.I also had the misfortune of cutting my finger accidently when I was cutting my styrofoam with a sharp knife. The cut was quite deep and luckily Adlina gave me a band aid. In a way my wound hindered me when I was piping the top tier with scrolls. But what can I say, it is all part of the game.

Rosalind taught us alot of new cake decorating techniques. She also taught us to carve a pillow cake and we also made sugar paste flowers. We were also taught how to make a flower spray and how to assemble our flower spray creatively on our wedding cakes. All the students who attended the course were really skilled cake decorators. They came up with many outstanding cake designs and I felt really happy to have attended this course as I learned so much from them.I can safely say that i'm now more equiped with the different and latest techniques in cake decorating.

There will be an entourage to the Squires Kitchen in London in March 2010 for a cake competition and Malaysian cake decorators are invited to join under the umbrella of ICCA. A few of my friends and I have decided to join the entourage to London. In fact on the second day of our class, Rosalind recieved an email from the Malaysian ambassador in London saying that he was very proud of the Malaysian cake decorators and he'll be there to join us.This invitation is opened to students of ICCA and if anyone is interested, please contact ICCA for more details. I think they have the details in their website.

Prior to my departure to KL on Sunday, we had a Creative Cupcake classs on Saturday. This class was attended by 11 wonderful and talented ladies and I really had a good time teaching them the basics of cup cake decorating. All of them took less than half an hour to learn the technique of piping the Wilton rose flower. I'm sorry to say that I totally forgot to snap pictures of the class because there were so many students present and I was too engrossed in conducting the class. In this class, students were taught about 6 types of icing, 3 types of buttercream of which one will be not smudge and melt easily. 2 types of royal icing, a type of buttercream which looks and taste like whipped cream but need not be refridgerated. A delicious ganache was also taught and my students had more fun licking the ganache than decorating with it. To all my students, I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for attending my class. Most of them are waiting to join my Wedding Cake Class which will be held soon.

Lesson learned :- snap pictures of students before and after class so as to ensure that i'm not carried away teaching. I must also make sure to put my camera in my apron pocket. The other day, my camera was kept in my handbag and I forgot about taking photos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Our October classes will start on the 24th October(Sat)and the first class is Creative Cupcakes. In this class students will learn

1) how to make moist chocolate cupcakes

2) how to make smooth & shiny buttercream(for free hand drawing/piping and filling-in)

3) how to make a special buttercream which does not melt or smugde easily (tak jadi comot). this buttercream is suitable to pipe flowers,designs & borders on your cupcakes. the buttercream is hard but you can bite into it.

4) how to make royal icing & smooth shiny ganache

4) learn how to decorate your cupcakes with fondant,ganache, piping jelly and edible image.
As bonus we will give 4 cupcake recipes

By attending this class you will be guided through all the rudiments of baking delicious cupcakes and decorating them creatively with all the different medium of icing and decorations. You too can develop your talent in cupcake decorating to something rewarding by taking orders from customers. Call me at 016-4753114 or submit the form on you right with all your particulars to attend our class.

Our popular Chocolate Making Class will be held on the 31st October (Sat)due to a large number of requests from students. Please be advised that we have revised our fees for this class to RM220.00 due to some new additions in our module. Our new module is as follows and the new lessons are in italics.

1) A history on chocolate and the production various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couverture, compound and Belgian chocolate.

2) Chocolate making process and techniques.

i) tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment
- tempering couverture choc
- melting compound choc

ii) moulding chocolate in creative designs using various techniques
- marbling
- drizzling
- brushing
- dipping chocolate - 2 techniques ( strawberry- tuxedo/wedding gown and wafer decorating )
- coloring chocolate - creatively to make designs

iii) lollipop ( 3 techniques) - couverture, oreo, color

iv) chocolate transfer using transfer sheets

v) clustering ( new technique)

vi) dark choc mint

3) delicious praline filling : recipes and hands-on making strawberry and mocha praline

4)Making of Chocolate Card ( making a greeting card from chocolate - not using Indonesian mold !!!)

6)name & address of chocolate suppliers to get you started to make homemade chocolate

7)packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

Free packing items

250 g raw couverture chocolate will be given free - to take home to practice

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Princess Bella Cake
samples of cupcakes decorated in fondant, gumpaste and royal icing
single tier cake decorated in fondant and royal icing

We will be introducing more new modules in our cake decorating classes as per our students requests. For example, in our doll cake class , students will be taught how to bake a cake using the Wilton wonder mould. They will also be taught how to make the best fondant and how to cover the cake smoothly. Students will then be taught how to decorate their cake with different techniques like frills,embossing, bows, lace, flowers, etc.This is a one day class and our students will learn a lot of techniques. If you are interested to join any of our cake decorating classes, please fill in your particulars in the form on the right column and submit to us. We will then email to you with further details our class schedules. All our classes are limited to 6 students as we emphasize on giving individual attention.

Bonus for our doll class: Students will be shown how to decorate a Barbie Cake with Kebaya using buttercream and royal icing.