Thursday, July 30, 2009


Buttercream rosettes in different designs
Buttercream rosette, Fondant baby in blanket, Fondant rose bouquet & Fondant busy bumble bee

Buttercream clowns & 2 D carnation flowers

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Ganache course

Please click time-table to see our new class schedules.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Our gumpaste handbag(CHANEL & LOUIS VUITTON) and shoes course will commence in October 2009. These cakes are suitable to be given as 'Hantaran' and birthday cakes. Students will be taught to bake the best cake suitable to make the handbag, layer and carve the cake before covering in gumpaste. We'll also teach our students to make the best fondant/gumpaste for making the handbag and shoes cake. Finally 24 carat gold powder is used to brush handbag and shoes to give some glitter. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN OUR HANDBAG & SHOES CLASS. A 30% DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN TO ALL OUR CAKE DECORATING COURSES STARTING FROM OCTOBER 2009 ONWARDS.


Pn Halimah was one of the students who attended our basic cake decorating course on 26th March 2009. Pn Halimah did have have any experience in cake decorating but with our lessons and guidance, she managed to pipe these beautiful roses and decorate her cakes with shell and rosette borders. Can you believe that with ZERO KNOWLEDGE in cake decorating, Pn Halimah decorated this cake on her own? At PG CakeCraft, we always try our level best to teach our students the correct method and technique to learn the art of cake decorating.

In our BASIC CAKE DECORATING course, students were taught to bake a light sponge cake, how to cut the sponge cakes into layers and fill them with buttercream. The cakes were then crumb-coated before frosting with buttercream again. The top of the cakes were decorated in different designs with a plastic comb. Our students were also taught how to pipe 4 types of borders, i.e. shell, rosette, reverse shell and rope borders. 2D carnation, Wilton rose, rosebud and violet flowers were also taught in this course.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


group photo of students with their baked buns & bread.
soft and fluffy buns
proofing the buns
proofing the buns

students watching and listening intensely at chef's instructions to make various types of buns.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


from left Hizween, Mustari, Norizah, Intan, Marlina, Ros, Andrew and Ramzan (who left before we took this photo)
moist chocolate cupcakes sans decorations

Our cupcakes class on the 18th was attended by 7 lovely ladies and a young gentleman. If anyone thinks that men are not good bakers or cake decorators, then think again. Pg CakeCraft had a couple of guys as students and if compared to the girls, these guys can learn cake decorating very fast. Just like yesterday, Andrew who has not held a piping bag before start quite slow but once he learnt how to use the bags, he went on piping away and came up with creative designs.A couple of months back we had Ramesh as a student and Ramesh called me a few weeks ago to inform that he's getting a lot a wedding cake orders. I hope Andrew will have the same success as Ramesh and turn their creativity into something rewarding.

As for the young ladies, it was real fun teaching them because they wanted to learn everything from scratch,i.e. from baking the cupcakes, making royal icing , buttercream and the ganache.Hizween who had just returned from Australia and Noor Mustari are two very talented young ladies and managed to learn the techniques of icing very fast. Ros, Intan, Marlina, Norizah and Ramzan (Zan) were also not far behind them. I wish we had more time to teach them but due to time constrain, we had to wrap up our class close to 8.00pm. All of them really had a good time at PG CakeCraft and below is an email send by Intan and Andrew. To Intan and Andrew, thank you for the email and we really appreciate it.

Salam Kak Zareena,

Saya Intan yang join class Cup cake deco kak zareena yesterday. Thx so much......really enjoy the cup cake deco yesterday....hehe....walopun letih.....but really have a great experience....


Hi Zareena,

I really enjoy ur class last weekend. I had learned a lot of new knowledge.



Andrew Chiam

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Heart shaped chocolate card with a birthday greetings. Learn to make them in our chocolate class or call us for a price quotation if you want to buy them. Can be made in various shapes, sizes and colours.

More new types of home-made chocolate will be taught in our new chocolate class module. Learn to make them or call us for a quotation if you want buy a box of chocolate for your loved ones.

PG CakeCraft's new chocolate module includes the making of 'chocolate card'. Students will be taught how to make cards with lovely greetings from chocolate. You will learn how to make these cards in various shapes,sizes and colours. No special moulds and equipments are needed to make these chocolate cards. A new and innovative way to make edible chocolate cards will be taught. These cards can be put on cakes or be topped with nuts and given as gifts to impress your family and friends.
PG CakeCraft's next chocolate class is on the 8th August 2009 (Sat) as our class on the 1st August 2009 is already full!!! and we still have many students requesting for a chocolate class.

Students registering for our new chocolate class will recieve 2 pieces of chocolate moulds, 250gm of coverture chocolate for you to practice making chocolate at home, 10 pieces Belgian Chocolate and lunch from Restoran Wawasan Mutiara . All these for a fee of only RM200. Below is our new chocolate making class module:

a) a brief history on chocolate and the production of various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couvertue, compound and Belgian chocolate.

b) Chocolate making process and techniques.

i) tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment

ii) moulding chocolate in creative designs, marbling, sripes & edible sticker

iii) making chocolate cards & writing creative words in chocolate

iv) making dipping chocolate for strawberries

c) delicious praline filling recipes

d) gianduja chocolate which is a European style of chocolate made from chocolate and nut paste. (will also be taught in our module)

e) name & address of chocolate suppliers to get you started to make homemade chocolate

f) packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

Our new baking and decorating courses comprises of hands-on baking classes.Our classes are no longer using the demo concept as we believe students will learn more if they bake their own cakes. PG CakeCraft's students will be baking cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, muffins, and tarts under our instructor's guidance.

Our next new cake decoration course is Fondant and Gumpaste course. Novelty cake decorating like Camera Cake, Handbag Cake, Gumpaste Shoes and Hat Box Cake and Topsy Turvy Cakes will be taught. More interesting techniques like drapes, frills, fabric effects, ribbons, bows, crimping, embossing, applique, modelling fun figures and flowers will be included in our Fondant and Gumpaste cake decorating courses.

Chocolate Modelling Paste or Plastic Chocolate will also be introduced in our cake decorating courses. Learn how to make Plastic Chocolate from White, Milk and Dark Chocolate. We will also teach you how to mould flowers and figures from Plastic Chocolate.


Marina, who hails from Simpang Empat, called me a few times to conduct a beginner's cupcake decorating class on a weekday as she has to take care of her young children on weekends. This 8 month pregnant lady braved the one hour drive to Penang (Komtar)and attended my class specially held for her on 7th July 2009 (Tuesday). Sometimes its hard for me to say no to students who are really enthusiastic to learn cake decorating, especially like Marina who wanted to come from so far. I hope Marina is happy with our special class and will practice all that she had learned form us.To Marina, PG CakeCraft would like to wish good luck and best wishes to your new baby.


Our Home-made Chocolate class held on 4th July 2009 (Sat) was attended by four lovely and charming ladies. Aizah came from Bandar Perda, Seberang Jaya and Hayati came from Nibong Tebal. Noraini and Ros came from Penang. Armed with enthusiasm and zeal, these four ladies really had a wonderful time learning the art of home-made chocolate. Aizah called me today and said her family and friends loved her chocolate made from corverture milk chocolate as it tasted like Cardburys and Hersheys chocolate and and she'll be taking orders from customers soon. Our team at PG CakeCraft is always pleased to hear when our students start to use skills learned from us to good and profitable use. I also have to mention something about some of the quality of chocolate available in Malaysia . I'm sure some of you must have seen a lot of moulded colourful chocolate in the market. Actually these 'chocolate' are not real chocolate but just colourings, sugar and palm oil fat. Most of these chocolate come from Indonesia and does not taste like chocolate and has no nutritional value. If you want colourful chocolate, use white coverture chocolate and add FDA approved food colourings. Wilton's candy melts also comes in different colours and is made from real chocolate.

Home-made chocolate packed and ready to go. Call us for a quotation if you need to buy a special box of lovely and delectable chocolate for your loved ones.

Heart shaped chocolate lollipops.Suitable to be given as Valentine's gift to melt your love's heart! Learn to make them or order from us.

Nutty Pralines and Teddy chocolate. Suitable to be served during childrens' birthday parties. Nutty Pralines can be served during festivals like Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas, Deepavali and Chinese New Year. Call us for a price quotation if you want to order for the coming festivals.
Chocolate with designs? Yes, we can teach you to make chocolate with designs using edible stickers.
4 charming ladies at work. Aizah, Noraini, Ros and Hayati attended our chocolate class last Saturday (4/7/09). They had such a load of fun making and moulding their own chocolates. Here, they are seen packing their handmade chocolate meticulously under the guidance of our chocolate instructress, Pn Jamilah(Kakchik).
Noraini is amazed with her ability to make delicious chocolate with such ease. Noraini is a creative person and loves to make 'hantaran' and gifts for friends and family. Now she can include handmade chocolate in her gifts making repertoire.