Monday, May 17, 2010


Our creative cupcake class on 15th May was attended by 9 lovely and charming ladies, Siti Nazli, Aida, Wan Zaleha, Najah, Fauziah, Noor, Azimah, Yusni and Mrs Lee. All of them had no prior experience in baking and decorating except for Fauziah who had taken classes from home based cake decorators. In this class, students were taught the rudiments of baking moist chocolate cupcakes from scratch. Our students were amazed at how easy it was to bake cupcakes that were perfectly moist and delicious.Decorations were made with fondant, buttercream, royal icing and piping jelly.

Today i recieved an email from Siti saying that she has received orders for her cupcakes. Way to go ladies, join in the bandwagon of this lucrative business and start to earn extra income. Another student of mine Azza, has opened her own cupcake kiosk in Giant, Bayan Baru. Please visit her Bumble Dee Cupcake kiosk on the 1st floor of Giant, Bayan Baru if you want to order cupcakes. you can also view Azza's blog at

Azza's Bumble Dee kiosk in Giant, Bayan Baru (1st Floor)

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  1. Woowwww....!!!! I was surprise to see this..!!!
    I been busy lately and today i happened to be online. I was so happy and flattered to see my 'BumbleDee Cupcakes' kiosk is in PGcakecraft's blog.

    To all visitors of this blog.... just to let u all know that i am one of Pn.Zarina's student in PGcakecraft. I've learnt a lot from her... she is a great teacher & friend.

    And to u, Kak Zarina...
    Thank You so much for promoting my 'BumbleDee Cupcakes' in your blog... and thank you for the supports.
    I still need to learn a lot more...
    so Kak Zarina, u will be seeing me a lot in your class...:-)

    Thank You so much..!!!