Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Our homemade chocolate class had a very favourable respond from students who wanted to learn the art of chocolate making. There were a few last minute request from students to join our class and it was very diffcult for me not to accept them.Anyway 14 very energetic and enthusiastic ladies attended our chocolate class - Fauziah, Noriza, Hajah Azizah, Salasiah, Mei, Zanariah, Suriati, Azura, Hazwain (from Singapore), Ain, Kak Mah, Molly, Hajar and NorHafizah. They were introduced to the different types of chocolate and how to temper couverture chocolate. They were taught to make praline fillings and and tips on how to achieve a shiny chocolate was also given. They were also taught to make chocolate peanut butter cups(something similar to Reese peanut cups) and also homemade Ferrero Rocher.

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