Monday, April 18, 2011


missing in this class picture is Saras and Zahara who went home before we could take the picture.missing in the pics below is our chocolate snack cake which was cut up before we could take the pictures. my students feed back was it was the most delicious cake among the cakes that we baked. thank you ladies for attending this class and a very special thanks to Salbiah who drove from Perak to attend our classs.

Carrot cake with yummy cream cheese frosting. carrots and leaves are piped with cream cheese frosting (colored in orange & green)
American Prune cake with light cream cheese frosting. this frosting tasted more like ice-cream as it virtually melted in our mouth.
Moist Banana cake with yummy caramel buttercream frosting. the buttercream was really smooth and not greasy as it is not made with artery clogging shortening.

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