Sunday, September 25, 2011


Whe we put up our French Macarons class in our blog,there were some enquiries as to whether we were using a pre-mix to bake our macarons. I wish to clarify that our macarons are not baked from a pre-mix. Anyway I'm not an advocate of using anything from a pre-mix because I prefer to use fresh ingredients. Macarons are quite easy to bake if the correct ingredients and techniques are used. All the macarons in the pictures below were baked by the students themselves when they attended our classs. I'm proud to say that all my students managed to bake the macarons successfully even if it was their first time to bake this very elusive and mystifying sweet treat.For those who are interested to learn to bake macarons, please do not hesitate to fill the registration form on your right and submit to us.

Macarons in all shades of colours
Eiffel Tower and Macarons. Can it get more french than that?
Heart shaped Macs. Thanks to Sabrina for piping these hearts patiently.

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