Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Our bread and buns class went very well with about 13 students who attended the class. Most of them had no prior experience baking bread or buns at home and they were very pleased to learn how easy it was to bake bread that was not only delicious but chemical free. I recieved some calls from my students and they raved about how their family loved the bread and buns. Our bread and buns remained soft even on the third day of making it. I'm happy to note that some of our students are supplying bread, buns and cakes to multinational companies. In fact we are happy to note that some of our students have resigned from their jobs and now embarking a career in the lucrative food business. As i have a good business background and with a diploma in business, I was able to help those who are new to the business world.The satisfaction of helping these talented ladies far out weighs the monetary returns. That being said, these are some of the pictures that i managed snap during the class.

Spicy Chicken Curry Buns

Almond Plaited Buns

Hawaiian Coconut Buns

Sandwich Bread

Sliced Sandwich Bread

Red Bean, Peach Custard Buns & Chocolate Custard with Streusels Buns

Hot Dog Rolls

Cinnamon & Walnut Rolls (Chelsea Buns)

Mexico Buns

Garlic Buns


Spicy Hawaiian Pizza

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