Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last month we had the honor of being invited to the the launching of Zubaidy's Delight which was held at Naza Hotel. What made this day more special to me was the fact that it was one of my student, Ms Norlia who had the product launch. I had a class on that day but managed to wrap up the class in time to attend the function which was graced by Yabhg Toh Puan Hajah Majmor. Norlia is the brains behind Zubaidy's Delight and i have known her for more than three years. She had diligently attended most of my classes to acquire more skills in baking. She opened a small shop about two years ago near the Pulau Tikus market and had good response from her customers. Most of the cakes and pastries that she sold there were taught by me and she informed me that vegetarian cakes that she learnt from us is a popular item on their menu.

Norlia is not only a keen learner but also very hard working and that has been the main reason for her success. I know she never felt intimidated by work pressure and will walk the extra mile to help anyone. Her venture into baking business expanded with the opening of Zubaidy's Delight which will supply cakes and pastries to hotels. The cakes, pastries and desserts are made in small petite sizes which is suitable for buffet desserts.

I take this opportunity to wish Norlia all the success in her business venture and below are some pictures taken on that day. PG CakeCraft will also be introducing our DESSERTS BUFFET CLASS in February where we will teach to bake cakes, pastries, pudding, mousse and jelly which are suitable to be featured in buffet tables.

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