Friday, December 27, 2013


Who says vegans and vegetarians cannot enjoy a slice of cake? I'm all for no animal products in my food but can still enjoy a slice of yummy vegetarian cake with my tea. There is an increasing demand from my vegan customers/students for a variety of cakes, pastries and desserts. I have been experimenting with different ingredients in my bakes to replace animal derived products and will be introducing the recipes in my classes soon. 
We will be bringing more awareness to the food that we consume and try to make it healthier by incorporating olive oil, fruits, nuts and vegetables in our desserts. Did we hear a virtual 'yuck' coming from somewhere? The cakes below are testament that vegan cakes can taste as delicious as non-vegan cakes and the best part is, we won't even miss the eggs, white refined sugar, milk or butter - which happens to be the holy grail of any desserts!

                                                   Vegetarian Carrot Cake
                                                   Vegetarian Carrot Cake
                                                  Vegetarian Blackforest Cheesecake
                                                 Vegetarian Blackforest Cheececke
                                                Vegetarian Dates & Walnut Cake
                                   Dates & Walnut Cake alleviated to a celebration birthday cake.

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