Friday, April 11, 2014


We are running a Just Desserts class with Living Social and the fee is RM68.00 per pax. Please visit their site for more deals and details of the class. Types desserts taught in this class are:-
1) Black Forest Cake - two layers of chocolate chiffon cakes are sandwiched with fresh cream and cherries. The whole cake is frosted in our special fresh cream and decorated with more cherries, strawberries and chocolate flakes. This perennial favorite cake is suitable for any celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries or parties.
2) Carrot Cheesecake - a new kid on  the block, this moist carrot cake studded with walnuts and raisins is baked together with a layer of cheesecake. A truly delicious cake with the goodness of carrot and cheese. The cake is frosted with a layer of tangy yogurt and fersh cream and decorated with chopped walnuts for visual effect.
3) Green Tea Creme Brulee - this is a fusion of japanese and french inspired creme brulee. The addition of green tea to the classic creme brulee adds a different dimension to the delicious egg and cream custard. The sugared surface is bruleed/caramalized and topped with fresh seasonal fruits.

We received a lot of enquiries from our potential customers about whether sponge mix will be used for the Black Forest Cake. We are happy to inform that students will be taught how to bake moist chocolate chiffon sponge from scratch for the Black Forest cake. Baking chiffon sponge can be a formidable task but with our coaching one can bake it successfully.

For our Carrot Cheesecake, we will be teaching our popular American Carrot Walnut Cake and also our popular cheesecake and these two cakes will be combined to become one cake. So students will be learning to bake two types of cake for the price of one. So don't miss the chance and sign up for the class.
                                                              Black Forest cake

                                            Carrot Cheese Cake with Tangy Yogurt Frosting

                                                       Green tea Creme Brulee


  1. My sis is doing culinary arts in KDU and I wanna join her for this class either 26 April or 3 May.. but what time does the class start?

  2. Hi Jocelyn. Nice to know your sis is pursuing a Culinary Arts course. She can join the class on either 26th April or 3rd May. Our class starts at 10am and will end around 3pm. thanks.