Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Sorry for the long hiatus in our blog updates and posting. Our baking classes featured by Groupon last    month received an over-whelming response. We had more than 200 people who registered for the class and we practically had to continue the classes on every Saturday and Sunday without a break. We also held a couple of team building baking workshop from our supportive customer, Intel. We take this opportunity to thank Intel Technology for their trust and support and we hope to foster a long working relationship with them. We also wish to thank Ivan and his cousins from Singapore who attended our class. We also wish to thank our customers who attended our classes and especially to those who have become our regular clients. We do not want to bore you with the same cakes and pastries pictures, so we have posted a few pictures taken during some of the classes.    

                           Team building for Intel in early June (sorry, I have forgotten the date).  Another  team building for Intel on 24th June. Only managed to capture one team's  photo  as the other three teams had packed theirs and also forgot to take a group photo.Below is the french creme brulee, chicken & mushroom quiche  chocolate  obsession cake baked by them.

                                                                Italian Stomboli
                                                             French Apple Tart
                                                              Zebra Cheesecake
                               Some kids from Singapore booked a baking class on June 4th 
                                                    Marbled Zebra Cheesecake      
                                                            Zebra Cheesecake  
                                   The kids used the Italian stromboli recipe and made a pizza instead.
                                                               French Apple Tart
                                          Italian Stomboli and marinara sauce packed.

                                2-tier Sophia the First birthday cake which I made for my brother's grand- daughter. It's a whooping 8kg chocolate moist cake filled with chocolate  mousse and coated in ganache. The cake was served for more than 100 guests at the party by the pool side. It took 2 days and a couple of cuts in my fingers (from a sharp razor) to complete the cake.

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