Sunday, July 6, 2014


Our Cakes and Pastry class on 6th July went on smoothly and  those who enrolled for the class learned the basics of baking sponge cakes and also how to make the pandan kaya jelly. With the correct recipe and techniques, all of them made their cakes successfully with a few glitches the cakes came out looking good. Making the evergreen pandan layer cake can be daunting for most people but our recipe is quite flawless and by implying the correct technique, we did not encounter much difficulties. 
Our Cream Chicken and Mushroom Pies was also a hit with those attending the class and the star was the flaky pastry where only three ingredients were used to make the pastry but the pies turn out very crisp and flaky. For our Opera Cupcakes, they were taught to make almond sponge cupcakes and the star here was the unique buttercream that we created in our kitchen and shared the recipe with our students. This buttercream recipe was so creamy and flavorful and did not leave an oily after taste. The buttercream that we created in our kitchen is more tolerant to our hot and humid weather and does not contain any shortening, krimwell or whipping cream.
We wish to thank all those who enrolled for the class and especially to the Muslim students who were observing the fasting month. We also wish to thank the ladies who were from Singapore and China as they took time off from their holidays to attend our class. Below are some of the picture taken in our class.



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