Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Festive Bakes Class on 17th January 2015              RM65.00
Hidden Heart Cake - this is a moist buttery cake with a heart embedded in the centre of the cake. You will have a lovely surprise when each slice of cake reveals a heart.
-Strawberry Mousse Cheesecake - this light and yummy cheesecake makes a healthy choice for a cool refreshing dessert. A biscuit crust is filled with a layer of tangy cheesecake and a layer of smooth strawberry mousse sits on top of the cheese layer. A final layer of strawberry jelly adds a sparkle to this visually pleasing cake.
- American Apple Pie - what is more American than an apple pie? This old fashioned and quintessential American pie ia made with a perfect pie crust and filled with robust apple-cinnamon filling. Baked to crispy perfection and best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Nasi Kandar Delights Class on 25th January 2015      RM135.00
Learn to make some of the the best nasi kandar specialities taught by our restaurant chef, in the comfort of your home. The types of delights taught in this class are:
-Mee Goreng Mamak Style
- Chicken/Vegetable Murtabak
-Roti Jala with Chicken Mamak Rendang
- Pasembor with Chilly Peanut Gravy

Tea-Break Delights Class  on 31st January  2015       RM50.00  (10AM TO 3PM)         
Want to have a tea break and revel in the excitement of baking scrumptious tea-time treats for your family and friends? Types of treats taught in this class are:-
1) Mini Shepherds Pie - a crisp tart shell is filled with a mixture chicken, onion, peas and carrot which are seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. The pies are topped with creamy and cheesy mashed potatoes and bake to a crisp golden perfection.
2) Egg Tart - this tart originated from the English custard and made popular in Hong Kong. Buttery tart shells are filled with eggs and milk concoction and baked to a smooth and silky custard.
3) Strawberries and Chocolate Cupcakes - a moist vanilla sponge is filled with strawberry preserve and topped with dark and white chocolate ganache spider web. 

If you are interested to join any of our classes, please contact us after 12th January 2015 as we are on a holiday break in overseas.

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