Saturday, June 27, 2009


Due to overwhelming request for our bread and bun making class, PG CakeCraft will be conducting another class on 19th July 2009 (Sat).Many students have also requested for another cupcake and cake decorating class and PG CakeCraft will be conducting these two classes too. Please be advised that if you are interested to attend any of these classes, you have to register 3 days before the commencementof the classes so that we'll have enough time to make preparations for your class. For all our cake decorating classes, we use real cakes and not dummy cakes. The reason is, the texture of real cakes differ from the dummy ones (which are usually made from styrofoam). Even our frostings like buttercream, ganache and royal icing are made fresh for each class. Our chocolate making class is also being requested to be held this month.

After the month of July, PG CakeCraft will not be having any classes until October due to the fasting month and Hari Raya Puasa. Our kitchen in PG CakeCraft is already inundated with wedding orders. PG CakeCraft is making 5,000 pieces of belgian chocolate as wedding favours, hantaran cakes, groom cakes and 3 tier wedding cakes. So kindly take note that PG CakeCraft will resume with our classes in October. We are working very hard to bring more wonderful cake baking and cake decorating classes begining from October 2009. We will start with Fondant and Gumpaste classes using techniques from PME in Sugarcraft Diploma Course and also from the Wilton Fondant And Gumpaste Course. Our cake decorating courses using buttercream, royal icing and ganache will also be taught using the Wilton Cake Decorating method. Students will also be taught the correct method on how to construct stack and tiered cakes. It is very important to learn the techniques of constructing tiered cakes so as to avoid embarrassment of your wedding cakes collapsing when delivered to your customers.

For all our new courses starting from October 2009, we will be offering a 30% discount on the course fee as a token of appreciation. Please vist our blog to keep abreast of our latest class schedule.

Chocolate Making Class (hands-on)
04/7/09 (Saturday)
10am - 5pm
instructor - Pn Jamilah
fees - RM 200
-knw about couverture & compound chocolate
-learn tempering & seeding Chocolate
- mould beautiful designs with chocolate transfer sheet
- make delicious praline filling
- make chocolate coated strawberry bouquet
- packing, pricing & marketing plan will be given
- Bonus 250gm couverture chocolate given FREE to students to
practise at home

Beginner's Cupcake Decorating Class (hands-on)
18/7/09 (Saturday)
10am - 5pm
fees - RM 130
- learn to bake moist chocolate cupcakes (recipe given)
- learn to decorate 16 diff designs with
buttercream ,fondant, chocolate ganache, piping
jelly, edible image.
- recipe to make soft & shiny buttercream, fondant and ganache will
be given to students

Bread & Bun Making Class (hands-on)
19/7/09 (Sunday)
10am - 4pm
instructor - Chef Rohaya
fees RM 145
1) Sweet Bun
2) Sausage Bun (2 Patterns)
3) Mix Veg.Bun (2 Patterns)
4) Coconut Bun (3 Patterns)
5) Cheese Stick
6) Plaited Bun (Roti Dendan)
7) Red Bean (3 Patterns)
8) Twist Bun
9) Tuna Horn Bun

Basic Cake Decorating Class (hands-on)
26/7/09 (Sunday)
10am - 5pm
instructor - Chef Rohaya
fees RM195
- demonstration of baking super soft sponge cake (recipe will be given)
- learn to make your own piping bag
- learn to make creamy, shinning and delicious buttercream
from chef's own SECRET recipe
- Learn to make 3 types of borders & frills
- learn to pipe rose flower, rosettes dan 'bunga siput'
- learn to assemble all your flowers on the cake
(each student will practice on a board first & then will
be given a real cake to decorate)

OR CALL ME AT 04-2639981 / 016-4753114

Are these roses real? No. these roses are made from Chocolate (White) Modelling Paste or Plastic Chocolate and air brushed in different colours. Our Plastic Chocolate classes will also be introduced soon. Learn to make beautiful flowers with Plastic Chocolate and how to air brush them with vibrant colours..

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