Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our Home-made Chocolate class held on 4th July 2009 (Sat) was attended by four lovely and charming ladies. Aizah came from Bandar Perda, Seberang Jaya and Hayati came from Nibong Tebal. Noraini and Ros came from Penang. Armed with enthusiasm and zeal, these four ladies really had a wonderful time learning the art of home-made chocolate. Aizah called me today and said her family and friends loved her chocolate made from corverture milk chocolate as it tasted like Cardburys and Hersheys chocolate and and she'll be taking orders from customers soon. Our team at PG CakeCraft is always pleased to hear when our students start to use skills learned from us to good and profitable use. I also have to mention something about some of the quality of chocolate available in Malaysia . I'm sure some of you must have seen a lot of moulded colourful chocolate in the market. Actually these 'chocolate' are not real chocolate but just colourings, sugar and palm oil fat. Most of these chocolate come from Indonesia and does not taste like chocolate and has no nutritional value. If you want colourful chocolate, use white coverture chocolate and add FDA approved food colourings. Wilton's candy melts also comes in different colours and is made from real chocolate.

Home-made chocolate packed and ready to go. Call us for a quotation if you need to buy a special box of lovely and delectable chocolate for your loved ones.

Heart shaped chocolate lollipops.Suitable to be given as Valentine's gift to melt your love's heart! Learn to make them or order from us.

Nutty Pralines and Teddy chocolate. Suitable to be served during childrens' birthday parties. Nutty Pralines can be served during festivals like Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas, Deepavali and Chinese New Year. Call us for a price quotation if you want to order for the coming festivals.
Chocolate with designs? Yes, we can teach you to make chocolate with designs using edible stickers.
4 charming ladies at work. Aizah, Noraini, Ros and Hayati attended our chocolate class last Saturday (4/7/09). They had such a load of fun making and moulding their own chocolates. Here, they are seen packing their handmade chocolate meticulously under the guidance of our chocolate instructress, Pn Jamilah(Kakchik).
Noraini is amazed with her ability to make delicious chocolate with such ease. Noraini is a creative person and loves to make 'hantaran' and gifts for friends and family. Now she can include handmade chocolate in her gifts making repertoire.

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