Saturday, March 20, 2010


Our cheesecake class was attended by Marina, Azza, Wahidah, Hamidah and Fauziah. Azza and Wahidah (From Bertam) are two lovely & stylish young stay at home wives. Their intention is to improve their culinary skills and venture into business. Marina has attended a couple of our classes and is bent on improving her cake baking/decorating skills. Hamidah is a goverment staff and working in Komtar. This is her second class with us, the first one was our Fancy Cookies class. Hamidah told me that she tried to bake cheesecakes before but was not successful as her cheesescakes ended up with domes and cracks. She was extremely happy with the cheesecakes she made in our class as the texture was velvety smooth and there were no cracks or domes. Fauziah from Farlim, Air Itam is a stay at home mum and is very interested in the art of cooking/baking. In her quest to learn more, she has attended many classes, mostly from those who conduct classes at home. Fauziah is very happy with our class and has plans to enroll for more courses with us. She also sent me a sms today saying that her children polished up the cheesecakes she brought from class and she baked a blueberry cheesecake sucessfully. Well ladies, i'm sure by now you all must know that baking a cheesecake will be a breeze if you applied the correct techniques. Thank you again ladies and i sincerely wish the best in all your baking escapades. Have fun 'cheeseing!

New York Cheesecake baked by our students
in this class our students were taught the secrets to achieve a smooth & velvety texture to their cheesecakes
chilled Chocolate Cheesecake (with daim chocolate filling) & baked Blueberry Cheesecake
cheesecakes in the chiller
Wahidah and Azza putting blueberry pie filling on their cheesescake, meticulously.
Marina,Fauziah and Hamidah are also engrossed in putting blueberry pie filling on their cheesecake
Marina is admiring her chilled chocolate cheesecake

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  1. those cakes are enough to make a girl lick the computer screen lol