Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our Chocolate fondant class was attended by 10 wonderful, lovely and talented ladies namely Sabrina, Hamidah, Michelle, Azian, Jane(fr Butterworth), Nor Hayati, Zaiton (both of them frm BM), Shuhada, Ain and Annum (3 of them frm Kulim).

In this class they were given tips on how to bake a cake without cracks or domes. Then we moved on to make fondant and my students were amazed at how easy it was to make their own fondant.Then they were taught to make our best chocolate fondant and i also introduced to them the various types of chocolate available in the market. All of them did not like the cheap coloured chocolate (frm Indonesia)which actually is not chocolate but just sugar, flour, palm fat and tons of artificial colourings. They also learned to make white and dark chocolate roses, rosebuds, calla lilies, leaves and tendrils. Techniques like scrolls, embossing, crimping, lace and frills were also taught. A hands-on technique on dusting with gold and disco dust were also taught.

All my students fell in love with their cake creations and did not want to cut their cakes. They also asked me to order The Wedding Cake, A Dessign Source magazine for them and this morning i've placed orders for the magazines from ICCA.

Thank you ladies, i had much fun with all of you and to Michelle, sorry for ending the class around 7.30pm. She had to rush home for dinner with her 3 young charming boys who were enjoying eating the chocolate fondant.To Sabrina, a big thank you for showing us how to make lovely rosebuds. To Zaiton, Shuhada, Ain and Annum, Nor Hayati and Jane, thank you for coming from BM & Kulim. Last but not least thank you to Azian and Hamidah for attending our class again.

Note: testimoni form my students who attended our Chocolate Fondant class on 18/4/10

I really enjoy myself in ur class I learn a lot frm u n u r such a nice lady. Will bank into ur a/c later in the evening.
Tq, michelle
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dear kak zarina,
azian is so excited with her 1st cake decorating class(as she never attend any classess b4,hee..)
really awesome choc fondant cake deco (for 1st timer, i guess) n tastes good too..
therefore we would like to share some of the choc fondant cake's pic that we took..

thx for the priceless lesson =)

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