Monday, October 11, 2010


This class was attended by 4 lovely and very energetic ladies namely: Christina, Sariah, Molly and May. May came from Kuala Lumpur to attend this class and she was full of questions as she has plans to resign from her present job and venture into the lucrative food business. Molly, a business woman has also plans to venture into food business and I sincerely hope the best for them. Sariah and Christina who are attached a multi-national company were very happy to learn to bake tarts in a fun and easy way. In a short span of time, these ladies had mastered the art of rolling and lining tart moulds with pastry. The pictures below show their work and I'm very happy to say that these ladies not only baked all the tarts themselves but also arranged them creatively on the serving dish. This was the best group of students and I wish all of them well.

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