Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Our first class for the year 2011 was started with our popular home made Bread & Buns class. Eventhough it was a public holiday, five ladies managed to attend our class: namely, Azimah, Rosana, Mahani, Nazreen and Wan Norzana. Below are some of the pictures of the bread and buns baked by our students. The sandwich bread that were baked on that day we quickly eaten by Rozana's children Alya & Alysha and Azimah's daughter Nadia. These children accompanied their moms to the class.I'm happy to say the children loved all the bread that we baked and the one they enjoyed most was the hotdog rolls. Unfortunately, i missed taking pictures of the hotdog rolls/buns.

Mexican Buns with chocolate chips
Cheesy Peach Custard Buns
Tuna Heart Buns
Garlic Buns
Almond Raisins Plaited Buns
Mini Sausage Pizza

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