Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our cheesecake class was attended by 8 lovely ladies, namely Farrah (who requested for cheesecake and home made chocolate class), Norizah, Shah, Cikgu Zanariah, Janet Ow, Mages, Ain and Hajah Azizah. Students were divided into 2 groups and each group of 4 students made 3 types of cheesecakes. As this was a full hands-on class, all our students had to make the crust and the filling and learn how to steambake the cheesecakes. Many use full tips on how to steambake cheesecakes successfully and how to avoid the usual cracks/domes on cheesecakes were given. At the end of the class, all our students said that they were now confident enough to bake cheesecakes. I'm happy to note I recieved a few sms from my students saying that their families really enjoyed the cheesecakes that they made in class.

missing in this class picture are Mages & Janet who went home before everyone could find the time to pose for pictures. Janet had a dinner appointment and Mages's son was waiting to take her back home.
all the cheesecakes made by the two group were the same except for Tiramisu cheesecake. One group opted to have cocoa powder topping whereas the other group chose to have grated chocolate topping.

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