Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Learn to bake this scrumptious dessert cakes in our Festive Dessert Cakes Class on 6th October. A full hands on class where students get to bake and decorate these cakes. All the cakes featured in this workshop are not only delicious but easy to bake with everyday simple ingredients. Our very popular Raspberry & Blueberry Crumble cake is taught in this class. The berries can be replaced with apples and walnuts with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a great class for those who have zero knowledge in baking or for those who wish to increase their collection of cakes in their baking repertoire. (Scroll down to see the pictures).

Our Deepavali Delights class will feature some vegetarian cakes but bear in mind that the taste is not compromised with the absence of eggs. All our vegetarian cakes taste just like regular cakes made with eggs.  With some R&D, we have come up with baked eggless cheesecakes which taste just like any regular cheesecake.
We have also featured eggless sponge in this class for our Fruit of the Forest cake and Tiramisu Cake. Not to be missed is our very special sweet Gulab Jamuns. This milk based sweet dessert is not only very popular in the Indian sub-continent but also throughout the whole world. Our gulab jamun is so soft that it will melt in your mouth without you realizing it.

Another workshop is our Cheesecake class on 20th October. We sold nearly 300 hundred cheesecakes in our feature with Groupon. The feed back from our customers was very positive and most of them have bought our Dessert Cakes deal.

Our Nasi Briyani Set class will be last class for this year and for those who missed our previous classes, you can register for this class. Our chef from India will be conducting this class and for this class, we will introduce Nasi Minyak Kenduri. Personally I have tasted the Nasi Minyak Kenduri rice with the chef's dalcha and mutton roast. It was really delicious and I too can't wait to learn these dishes from her. If we have time to spare, I will ask our chef to demonstrate her famous samosas.
                                                      Raspberry & Blueberry Crumble Cake
                                                    American Chocolate cake
                                                      Red Velvet cake
                                                      Carrot Cake
                                                      Lemon Poppy Seed cake

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