Sunday, October 14, 2012

MACARONS & HOKKAIDO cakes class on 12th OCTOBER 2012

We had a request from Ms Ooi and three of her friends to have a Macroons and Hokkaido Cake class a couple of days ago. Class started quite early at 8.30 am as one of the ladies had to go back to office after lunch. The class went on well and the ladies managed to bake the macarons successfully, that is with shiny tops, chewy centres and pretty frills at the bottom. Eventhough it was their first attempt to bake macarons, these talented ladies had no qualms to master the technique with ease. Baking Hokkaido cakes are similar to macarons, where using correct techniques plays a very important factor. A small slip or mistake will cause the cakes to fall and shrink miserably, resulting in an unprofessional look. Anyway, below are pictures taken during class and if anyone is interested to join the class, please don't hesitate to contact as at 016-4753114 or email us at

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