Friday, March 13, 2009


Cupcake class (hands-on)
-Learn to make 16 diff designs using
butter cream, fondant, , piping jelly and
edible image
-16 cupcakes ,1 set of piping nozzles &
lunch provided
-Pn Anis Adlina
-14h March (10am - 4pm)
- RM160

Cake Lapis (hands-on)
-Learn to make cake lapis windmill, cake lapis
walnut ice-cream, cake lapis crispy and l green & red roll. Recipes for cake/roll lapis given. Learn to make, divide &color batter.Will be taught to use cake 4 types of lapis cutters & arrange to get beautiful pattern. learn to make beautiful skin for roll lapis. Take home 4 types of kuih lapis
-Lunch provided
- Pn Salina
-18 March (10am - 5pm)

Aneka Cake (Demo)
-Butter Cake
-Chocolate Moist Cake with fudge topping
-Banana Muffins with almond nibs
-Mocca Marble Cake

-Pn Rohaya
-19 March (10am-1pm)

Aneka Puding (Demo)
-Puding Delima
-Puding Laici
-Chipollata Puding

-Pn Rohaya
-19 March (3pm-6pm)

Aneka Fondant Cake D├ęcor 2 (hands-on)
-Make fondant with hand& mixer. Color, roll & cover cake smoothly. Crimping, embossing, frills & drapes. gum paste rose, blossom & leaves. Royal icing used to add accents to finish cake decoration.

-Lunch provided
-Pn Salina
-21 March (10am- 5pm)

Kursus Hantaran (hands-on)
- Bakul Raga Pastri
-Buah-buahan kristal
* Mangga, epal, jagung, strawberry
-Puding Sayang 3 Hati

-lunch provided
-Pn Rohaya
-22 March (10am-4pm )

Chocolate Ganache Cake (hands-on) Module
-How to make delicious & shiny ganache.
-How to make cake and cupcake decoration with ganache
-How to make rose flowers with chocolate
-1 chocolate cake, 6 cupcakes and lunch provided

-Pn Salina
-24 March (10am-5pm)

Aneka Cake 2 (Demo)
-Cake Durian
-Cake Bebola Chocolate
-Sunkist Orange Cake
-Cake Sponge Keju

-Pn Rohaya
-25 March (10am – 1pm )

Chocolate Ganache Cake Decor (hands-0n)
- make ganache with black, white, milk chocolate
-cover cake with ganache to get smooth & shiny surface
-4 types of borders
-4 types of flowers (rose, blossom, primrose, daisy & leaf)

-Pn Haslinda
-28 March (2pm-6pm)
-tea & snacks provided
-tools to bring (nozzle no. 2, 104, 101, 14 & 9, turntable & spatula

Chocolate Making Class (Hands-on)
-Know the different types of chocolate
-Process of tempering & seeding
-Moulding chocolates
-Praline filling
-Gianduja chocolate
-Packing, pricing & marketing plan
-250gm of couverture,compound choc &
lunch will be given

-Pn Zarina & Pn Jamilah
-29 March (10am -5pm)

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