Sunday, March 29, 2009


Chefs who attended Ayu Liana's Steam Buttercream class

These are some of Liana's 'students' who are involved in the cake industry like Pn Noor from Norcooking centre, Pn Ani from Kedai 2020, Chef Asma from Bake with Yen and Chef Azizah from Singapore. As the age old adage says, "there is no age limit to learning", these professional chefs attended Liana's classes to learn more on the latest cake decorating techniques expecially the famous and popular hassle-free "Steam Buttercream Technique". For those in the northern region who are interested to learn this technique from Liana, please register your name at PG CakeCraft by calling me or sending me an e-mail. Hurry this class is only limited to 12 students.

Steam Buttercream is a new method of frosting or icing your cake to get a smooth, even and shiny surface. Ayu Liana from Loveliana cakes is going to teach this method in her class at PG CakeCraft, Penang. Cakes frosted or iced with steam buttercream produces a fondant look-like finish to your cakes without the sugary taste of fondant.Come and learn how simple it is to cover your cakes with steam buttercream which is not only delicious in taste bu it's also easy to master the technique. Once you have mastered this technique you will never ice your cake with plain buttercream and go through the hassle of using your spatula to get an even surface.You know something, the best part of using steam buttercream technique is YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS!!! IF YOU ARE MAKING 2, 3 OR EVEN 4 TIERED WEDDING CAKES, YOU CAN USE THE STEAM BUTTERCREAM TECHNIQUE TO COVER YOUR CAKES VERY EASILY AND THE BONUS IS STEAM BUTTERCREAM IS DELICIOUS IN TASTE. YOU CAN USE STEAM BUTTERCREAM TO COVER YOUR CUPCAKES TOO .
Can you believe it? These cakes are covered with STEAM BUTTERCREAM AND NOT FONDANT!!!

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