Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Heart shaped chocolate card with a birthday greetings. Learn to make them in our chocolate class or call us for a price quotation if you want to buy them. Can be made in various shapes, sizes and colours.

More new types of home-made chocolate will be taught in our new chocolate class module. Learn to make them or call us for a quotation if you want buy a box of chocolate for your loved ones.

PG CakeCraft's new chocolate module includes the making of 'chocolate card'. Students will be taught how to make cards with lovely greetings from chocolate. You will learn how to make these cards in various shapes,sizes and colours. No special moulds and equipments are needed to make these chocolate cards. A new and innovative way to make edible chocolate cards will be taught. These cards can be put on cakes or be topped with nuts and given as gifts to impress your family and friends.
PG CakeCraft's next chocolate class is on the 8th August 2009 (Sat) as our class on the 1st August 2009 is already full!!! and we still have many students requesting for a chocolate class.

Students registering for our new chocolate class will recieve 2 pieces of chocolate moulds, 250gm of coverture chocolate for you to practice making chocolate at home, 10 pieces Belgian Chocolate and lunch from Restoran Wawasan Mutiara . All these for a fee of only RM200. Below is our new chocolate making class module:

a) a brief history on chocolate and the production of various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couvertue, compound and Belgian chocolate.

b) Chocolate making process and techniques.

i) tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment

ii) moulding chocolate in creative designs, marbling, sripes & edible sticker

iii) making chocolate cards & writing creative words in chocolate

iv) making dipping chocolate for strawberries

c) delicious praline filling recipes

d) gianduja chocolate which is a European style of chocolate made from chocolate and nut paste. (will also be taught in our module)

e) name & address of chocolate suppliers to get you started to make homemade chocolate

f) packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

Our new baking and decorating courses comprises of hands-on baking classes.Our classes are no longer using the demo concept as we believe students will learn more if they bake their own cakes. PG CakeCraft's students will be baking cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, muffins, and tarts under our instructor's guidance.

Our next new cake decoration course is Fondant and Gumpaste course. Novelty cake decorating like Camera Cake, Handbag Cake, Gumpaste Shoes and Hat Box Cake and Topsy Turvy Cakes will be taught. More interesting techniques like drapes, frills, fabric effects, ribbons, bows, crimping, embossing, applique, modelling fun figures and flowers will be included in our Fondant and Gumpaste cake decorating courses.

Chocolate Modelling Paste or Plastic Chocolate will also be introduced in our cake decorating courses. Learn how to make Plastic Chocolate from White, Milk and Dark Chocolate. We will also teach you how to mould flowers and figures from Plastic Chocolate.

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