Sunday, July 19, 2009


from left Hizween, Mustari, Norizah, Intan, Marlina, Ros, Andrew and Ramzan (who left before we took this photo)
moist chocolate cupcakes sans decorations

Our cupcakes class on the 18th was attended by 7 lovely ladies and a young gentleman. If anyone thinks that men are not good bakers or cake decorators, then think again. Pg CakeCraft had a couple of guys as students and if compared to the girls, these guys can learn cake decorating very fast. Just like yesterday, Andrew who has not held a piping bag before start quite slow but once he learnt how to use the bags, he went on piping away and came up with creative designs.A couple of months back we had Ramesh as a student and Ramesh called me a few weeks ago to inform that he's getting a lot a wedding cake orders. I hope Andrew will have the same success as Ramesh and turn their creativity into something rewarding.

As for the young ladies, it was real fun teaching them because they wanted to learn everything from scratch,i.e. from baking the cupcakes, making royal icing , buttercream and the ganache.Hizween who had just returned from Australia and Noor Mustari are two very talented young ladies and managed to learn the techniques of icing very fast. Ros, Intan, Marlina, Norizah and Ramzan (Zan) were also not far behind them. I wish we had more time to teach them but due to time constrain, we had to wrap up our class close to 8.00pm. All of them really had a good time at PG CakeCraft and below is an email send by Intan and Andrew. To Intan and Andrew, thank you for the email and we really appreciate it.

Salam Kak Zareena,

Saya Intan yang join class Cup cake deco kak zareena yesterday. Thx so much......really enjoy the cup cake deco yesterday....hehe....walopun letih.....but really have a great experience....


Hi Zareena,

I really enjoy ur class last weekend. I had learned a lot of new knowledge.



Andrew Chiam

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