Friday, October 30, 2009


I have just returned from ICCA, Kuala Lumpur after attending the Squires Professional Wedding Cake Diploma course. It was a hectic 3 days course where our classes started at 9.00am sharp and ended around 7.30pm.By the time I reach my hotel, I will be too exhausted even to have my dinner.I also had the misfortune of cutting my finger accidently when I was cutting my styrofoam with a sharp knife. The cut was quite deep and luckily Adlina gave me a band aid. In a way my wound hindered me when I was piping the top tier with scrolls. But what can I say, it is all part of the game.

Rosalind taught us alot of new cake decorating techniques. She also taught us to carve a pillow cake and we also made sugar paste flowers. We were also taught how to make a flower spray and how to assemble our flower spray creatively on our wedding cakes. All the students who attended the course were really skilled cake decorators. They came up with many outstanding cake designs and I felt really happy to have attended this course as I learned so much from them.I can safely say that i'm now more equiped with the different and latest techniques in cake decorating.

There will be an entourage to the Squires Kitchen in London in March 2010 for a cake competition and Malaysian cake decorators are invited to join under the umbrella of ICCA. A few of my friends and I have decided to join the entourage to London. In fact on the second day of our class, Rosalind recieved an email from the Malaysian ambassador in London saying that he was very proud of the Malaysian cake decorators and he'll be there to join us.This invitation is opened to students of ICCA and if anyone is interested, please contact ICCA for more details. I think they have the details in their website.

Prior to my departure to KL on Sunday, we had a Creative Cupcake classs on Saturday. This class was attended by 11 wonderful and talented ladies and I really had a good time teaching them the basics of cup cake decorating. All of them took less than half an hour to learn the technique of piping the Wilton rose flower. I'm sorry to say that I totally forgot to snap pictures of the class because there were so many students present and I was too engrossed in conducting the class. In this class, students were taught about 6 types of icing, 3 types of buttercream of which one will be not smudge and melt easily. 2 types of royal icing, a type of buttercream which looks and taste like whipped cream but need not be refridgerated. A delicious ganache was also taught and my students had more fun licking the ganache than decorating with it. To all my students, I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for attending my class. Most of them are waiting to join my Wedding Cake Class which will be held soon.

Lesson learned :- snap pictures of students before and after class so as to ensure that i'm not carried away teaching. I must also make sure to put my camera in my apron pocket. The other day, my camera was kept in my handbag and I forgot about taking photos.

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