Saturday, October 31, 2009


7th November (Sat.) CHOCOLATE & TRUFFLES CLASS RM220.00

14th November (Sat.) FANCY COOKIES CLASS RM80.00

21st November (Sat.) CREATIVE CUPCAKE CLASS RM150.00

These are the only classes that will be held for the month of October as we have quite a number of cakes, chocolate and cookie orders from our customers. Most kindergartens are having their annual school concerts and orders for lollipop cookies are starting to fill in and so are the wedding cakes and favour orders. Therefore we could not have much classes this month and I prefer not to have classes on Sunday as it will be our off day. If you have any request for other classes please submit the form on your right and I will arrange the class for the following month.

CHOCOLATE & TRUFFLES CLASS - these are following topics that will be covered

1) history on chocolate and the production various type of chocolate like dark, milk and white couverture, compound and Belgian chocolate.

2)Chocolate making process and techniques.
i)tempering chocolate without using tempering equipment
- tempering couverture chocolate
- melting compound chocolate

ii)Moulding chocolate in creative designs - techniques
- marbling
- drizzling
- brushing

3)Dipping chocolate -
- strawberry tuxedo/wedding gown and wafer decorating
- chocolate coloring
- lollipop ( 3 techniques) - couverture, oreo, color

4)Chocolate transfer - to create unique & beautiful designs on chocolates

5)Truffles -using oreos and hazelnuts

6)Almond Rochers & Chocolate Clusters

7)Delicious praline filling : recipes and hands-on making strawberry and mocha pralines

8)Chocolate Card ( making a greeting card from chocolate without using Indonesian mold)

9)name & address of chocolate suppliers given to get you started to make homemade chocolate

10)packing, pricing and marketing plan of your homemade chocolate

250 g raw couverture chocolate will be given free to take home to practice.

FANCY COOKIES cLASS - there will be a hands-on making of the cookie dough.

- Our recipe for crispy and tasty cookies will be given

- students will be shown the different types of molds available in the market

- 2 types of cookie icing will be taught and how to use these icing to decorate cookies

- run-outs technique will be taught

- a special fondant used to decorate cookies will also be taught.

- each student will be given 12 cookies or more to decorate

BONUS students will be shown how to make a COOKIE BOUQUET, suitable to be given for mother's day, valentine's day, aniversaries, etc


- learn to make super moist chocolate cupcakes

- learn to make 6 types of frosting to cover and decorate your cupcakes

1) buttercream that will not melt or smudge easily (tak comot),
suitable for Wilton rose, flowers, designs and borders
ii)buttercream which is suitable for free-hand drawing, filling & writing
iii) buttercream that is made with krimwell

2) royal icing made with meringue powder

3) royal icing made with egg whites

4) Buttercream that looks and tastes like whipped cream

5) super smooth and delicious ganache

6)use fondant and piping jelly to decorate your cupcakes.

Students will get 16 or more cupcakes to decorate

BONUS: STUDENTS WILL BE TAUGHT HOW TO MAKE A CUPCAKE BOUQUET, suitable to be given for birthdays, mother's day, valentine's day, teacher's day, etc.

Please register using the form on your right at least 3 days before the commencement of our class to facilitate preparations. Alternatively, you can send me a SMS at 016-4753114

For those who have submitted their names for our wedding cakes class, please be informed that our 3-TIER WEDDING CAKE CLASS WILL BE HELD NEXTH MONTH. In this class, students will be taught to make the best fondant and gumpaste. Different cake decorating techniques will be taught. Gumpaste flowers like the roses, blossoms, jasmines,leaves and two coloured ivy leaves will be taught.

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