Saturday, November 14, 2009


This cake is for a client who ordered it for his wife's birthday. He came to my center and we had a discussion and finally after browsing through some cake pictures, he settled for a cake decorated with a bow. He did not want any flowers as it seemed too common, although I told him that we make our own sugar flowers.The cake itself is a moist vanilla cake filled with vanilla bavarian cream( I used real vanilla pods which my niece brougt from Switzerland). The aroma from the vanilla was pleasently sweet and it is very different from the vanilla essence which we commonly use. I have ordered another batch of vanilla bark from my brother who is now in London for a holiday with his family. Insyaallah, we'll be going to London and to Europe in a couple of months time and hope to bring more vanilla barks. We did not join my brother and his family now as I do not like the extreme cold of winter. Anyway coming back to the cake, I covered the cake with chocolate fondant which we make at our center. This chocolate fondant is really delicious as it is made with couverture chocolate. The birthday greetings are made from green modeling choclate and I used a clay extruder gun to mould the letters. The words are attached to the cake board with some royal icing. A very labour intensive cake but nevertheless a fruitful one because my client was exremely happy when he saw the cake. I will be teaching to make this cake and also the chocolate fondant in our upcoming classes. So please keep visiting my blog for more updates.

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