Saturday, April 4, 2009


11/4/2009 Cake Decorating with Ayu Liana from
Saturday buttercream, fondant Loveliana Cakes
10am – 6pm
1)Basketweave RM 150
2)Photocakes RM 150
3)Novelty Cakes RM 170

12/4/2009 Cake Decorating with Steam Ayu Liana from
Sunday Buttercream, Fondant, Cookies Loveliana Cakes
10am – 6pm with secret royal icing RECIPE

1) 2 tier Wedding Cake with
steam buttercream method RM 250
2) Barbie Fondant Cake RM 180
3) Cupcakes RM 150
4) Fancy Cookies RM 100

18/4/2009 Assorted Cakes Chef Rogayah RM 75
Saturday 1) Butter Cake
9.30am –1.00pm 2) Fruit Cake
3) Choc Moist Cake with Fudge Topping
4) Mocca Marble Butter Cake

18/4/2009 Kursus Hantaran Chef Rogayah RM 155
Saturday 1)Bakul Raga Pastri
2pm – 7pm 2)Buah-buahan kristal
*manggis, epal, jagung, strawberi*
3)Puding Sayang 3 Hati

25/4/2009 Kelas Chocolate Homemade Pn Jamilah RM200
Saturday learn tempering & seeding method.
10am – 5pm Know about couvertre & compound
chocolate. Learn chocolate moulding

26/4/2009 Kek Lapis Pn Salina RM250
Sunday learn to make
10am – 5pm 1)kek lapis windmill
2)kek lapis walnut ice-cream
3)kek lapis crispy
4)green & red roll kek

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