Thursday, April 16, 2009


Come and join Chef Rogayah this Saturday (18th April from 9.30am to 1.30pm) at Pg CakeCraft. She will be demonstrating on how to bake these 5 types of cake for a fee of only RM75:-

1)BUTTER CAKE - this moist and yellow butter cake is suitable to be decorated with butter cream or fondant. Can be used to make perfect wedding or hantaran cake. The aroma of delicious buttery cake will definetly satisfy anyone's taste bud.

2)MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH FUDGE TOPPING - Chef Rogayah will give you tips on how to get a moist and fudgey chocolate cake. Bonus is PG CakeCraft will supply Couvertre/Belgian for the fudge topping. Now can anyone resist that?

3)FRUITCAKE - Moist, fruity and full of flavour. Chef Rogayah will give tips on how to achieve a smooth fruitcake which is suitable to be covered with fondant.If you are planning on making a wedding or hantaran cake, then this is the cake you should learn to bake!

4)MOCCA MARBLE BUTTER CAKE - Buttery flavour with a hint of mocca for a unique taste. Chef Rogayah will share tips on how to achieve a beautiful marble affect.

5)BANANA MUFFINS WITH ALMOND NIBS - Muffins are the rage today! Children and adults will love this super soft and fluffy muffins. Have it for breakfast or better still pack it for your child to eat it at school. Wholesome, crunchy,nutritious and easy to bake.

Note: Light snack and refreshments will be served to students.

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