Saturday, April 11, 2009


Join ROZITA from ITA DELIGHTS 'BISKUT HARI RAYA' class on 3rd MAY 2009(SUNDAY)at PG CakeCraft, Komtar, Penang. Rozita or affectionately called Ita is a successful business woman who started a small scale cookie business which turned into an international online business venture. Based in Klang, Ita inherited her cookie baking skills from her late mother.

Browsing through her website one will be spoilt for choice with the varities of mouth-watering Hari Raya cookies which are available online. Now, you can not only buy Ita's cookies online but you can also learn to make her delectable cookies as she will be conducting a ' Biskut Hari Raya'class in our center, PG CakeCraft,in Komtar, Penang.Eventhough Rozita is busy with her business and classes in Klang, she has graciously accepted my invitation to conduct a biscuit baking class in Penang. So, for those who are interested to bake 'Hari Raya Cookies' which are different and delicious, JOIN OUR CLASS TODAY!!!!! DON'T MISS OUT THE CHANCE TO LEARN NEW RECIPES AND TECHNIQUES FOR THE COMING HARI RAYA. Learn new cookie recipes and start selling your own 'Biskut Hari Raya' to friends and family members. Below is the list of the cookies which will be taught by Rozita. Apart from the cookies you will also get 12 BONUS RECIPES. Call (016-4753114) or email ( to book a seat for the class. HURRY!!! our class is 50% booked so book early to avoid dissapointment.

1. Black forest oatmeal cookies
2. Blueberry Custard Cheesy Cookies
3. Pandan Chocolate Kristal Cookies
4. Cheese Coconut Fingers
5. Chocolate Ball Penetone With Pineapple Jam Filling
6. Honey Makadamia
7. Chocolate Mint Cookies
8. Swirl Mocca Chocolate Cookies
9. Dark Sweet Anglie Cookies
10. Granola Fruit Bar
11. Two Tone Cookies
12. Strawberry Lady Finger
13. Suji Salju
14. Chocolate Orange Mints Cookies
15. Tart Gulung Blueberry

Resepi Bonus

1. Talam Suji
2. Talam Ubi
3. Talam Pandan
4. Talam Kacang Hijau
5. Talam Cendol
6. Talam Kacang Merah
7. Kueh Bakar Berlauk
8. Kueh Bakar Bijan
9. Talam Roti Bijan
10. Lepat Jogya
11. Lepat Pisang Honkwee
12. Lepat Jagung Lapis

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