Friday, December 11, 2009


packed in cake box

moist vanilla butter cake
chocolate velvet cupcakes with modeling chocolate flowers

This is among several cakes that we have been making at our cake decorating centre. It is quite a big cake weighing more than 3kg. The flavour is moist vanilla butter cake and filled with strawberry preserve. The cake is covered with modeling chocolate (plastic chocolate) which we make at our centre. Modeling chocolate has become a favourite with my clients as it taste better than fondant and has less issues with the weather.

My client asked me to make a cake for her daughter's engagement which is to be given to the groom's side as 'hantaran'. She asked us to make a red tuxedo as it was their colour theme. I expalined to her that a red tuxedo will not look nice as the groom was attached to the corporate sector. But to stay with their theme colour, I suggested to put a red rose flower as a corsage and also add red strawberries around the cake. The bride came to collect the cake and she was very pleased with it but she felt sorry that she could not taste the cake as it will be taken to Kedah (her fiancee is from Kedah). I told her not to feel sorry as I made some cupcakes for her from the same batter.These are some small gestures that we often give our clients to show our appreciation. Her mother called me to thank for the beautiful cake and booked us to make her daughter's wedding cake next year.

Sometimes taking a cake order is not that simple because at PG CakeCraft, we believe that the cakes we make must match with the theme of the occasion. If a client is wrong in her or his selection, we will explain to them and give them an alternative design but with their original concept in mind. We do not simlpy cover our cakes with white fondant and put ready made Indonesian sugar flowers and sugar beads (manik). Most of our cake decorations are meticulously designed and made by hand.

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