Saturday, December 5, 2009


I regret to inform to our valued customers that we cannot take any more orders for cakes until Christmas as there are too many orders to fulfill. For those who like to place orders for cakes, please do so in mid January 2010. I have only two part-time bakers to help me at my baking centre and we work only in the evenings and on weekends.
For classes, please be informed that we will not be publishing our class schedules or class photographs as there has been too many cases where my classes are copied by other home based decorators. Please use the form on your right to register for the courses that you are interested and I will follow up from there and inform you when we will conduct the courses. Our courses will also be limited to a few classes a month because I'm in the midst of opening a new business and will be occupied with it but will try to find the time to have classes as I'm very interested in cake decorating. For those who are ordering cakes, you can use the form on your right or email to me. We also like to kindly inform to those who are enquiring about renting our cake stands and tiers that these items are not for rent as they are custom made and are quite expensive.

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